Fire Pits For The Holidays

It is such a beautiful thing to witness the leaves go from green to brown, to then filled with snow. The Holidays have a special effect that allows us to hopefully feel comfort and peace in a gathering spirit. There are many places where you can come together as a family or with a group of friends, but if you enjoy the outdoors the most, this is where a fire pit could be the star. 

Even if the weather is a little cold or just the right temperature, there is always an opportunity to gather around the fire.

Why The Holidays?

There are so many fun events happening from September all the way through December. The opportunities are truly endless. Sure it is nice to sit on the couch in front of the TV or in the AC, but there is something unique about spending time outdoors with nothing more than fresh air, fire burning, and wonderful company. Worldwide, the Holidays tend to bring about the feeling of joy and fun, and what’s better than sharing the joy and fun with your loved ones without distractions!

Football Watch Parties 

It is always a fun time to host football watch parties at home. Guests can bring their favorite dishes, a friend brings another friend, and you can provide the best atmosphere by the fire. A projector screen can be hung outside and have the game televised from there. Speakers can be used to blast the sound (without bothering the neighbors) and have bites/small plates within reach. The special thing here is that the outdoors provides a sense of freedom, calmness, and truthfully, it is different from the routine.

Thanksgiving Dinner

When Thanksgiving starts peaking around, the weather has turned a little bit colder. But that’s okay! Sporting a fire pit in your backyard can surely give you plenty of warmth for November and the months to come. Having a campfire cookout on this day is a special and exciting activity that even the little ones will enjoy. There are many recipes that can be carried out through the means of a fire pit. These do not have to follow traditional Thanksgiving dishes, you’re allowed to think outside of the box! Prepare decorations all-around trees and/or bushes to keep the theme of the season and try to provide blankets for your guests’ extra comfort.

Christmas by The Fire

Christmas is usually accompanied by extra drizzles of excitement due to family, food, and presents! If you have a fire pit, this would be the most incredible spot for singing beautiful carols or your favorite tunes. Roasting marshmallows at the fire and making amazing smores treats can also be a great bonding activity for all guests present. Cooking Christmas dinner on the grill is another tasty advantage since it allows for a more casual occasion.

New Years

New Year’s Eve is an evening of celebration and hope. Make sure to arrange your patio with comfy furniture and warm blankets while guests wait together for the new year to arrive. You can set up a table with props for pictures, a backdrop, and even sparklers, for when the clock hits twelve. Around the fire pit, family and friends can sit together and remember the incredible memories lived throughout the year. Once midnight arrives, it is time to welcome the new year with cheers. If you are able to have fireworks where you live, then this is another great opportunity for an outdoor evening to remember.

Our team of experts and artists are able to produce pieces that will fit your dream fire pit design. From custom fire pits to already beautifully crafted templates, your outdoor space will for sure be transformed with this new addition. Enjoy the holidays with your loved ones and stay warm, joyful, and creative!

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